We are kosoo

The Kosoo Management Team

The Kosoo Management Team is a group of seasoned professionals and culinary experts who have tirelessly worked alongside Chef Han for many years to establish Kosoo Restaurant as it stands today. They are colleagues, mentors, and trusted business partners who have played an instrumental role in the restaurant’s growth and success.

Working hand in hand with Chef Han, they provide the support and the strength needed to face each new day’s challenges and victories. Their combined efforts have culminated in the creation of Kosoo as we know it – a place where culinary traditions and modernity meet in a harmonious blend.

The Kosoo Management Team is a robust blend of veterans from the restaurant industry, experienced chefs, and skilled managers. They are the backbone of the Kosoo experience, always attentive to the voice of our customers and focused on improving the quality of our service and offerings.

Their commitment extends beyond today, and into tomorrow. The team is unwaveringly dedicated to ensuring that each day at Kosoo is happier than the last, sharing every moment of joy with our customers. They are determined to make Kosoo a place where every visit is more than just a meal; it’s an experience, a memory, a story.

As we journey forward, the Kosoo Management Team will continue to guide and support Chef Han’s vision, ensuring that the Kosoo legacy of delivering superior dining experiences and creating happy memories lives on. So, come join us, and be part of our journey as we continue to redefine the Korean dining experience.


Sanghyun Keh

A chef and management team member of the Kosoo Restaurant Group, possesses a rich culinary background spanning nearly two decades. His expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of cuisines, including Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Western. At the heart of his philosophy lies a commitment to providing delicious food to customers. This philosophy centers around the idea that culinary excellence is not just about cooking, but about creating joy and satisfaction through flavors. He believes in the power of a well-crafted meal to connect with patrons, making this the cornerstone of his culinary approach.

Jeongkyu Choi

Choi Jeongkyu philosophy, formed after joining the Kosoo Restaurant Group in 2018, is shaped by the comfort he found in his mother’s cooking. He sees food not just as sustenance, but as a vessel for memories, stories, and comfort. For him, the greatest joy is seeing customers connect and find joy through the meals he prepares, embodying the belief that food nourishes both body and soul.

Dongwook Ahn

Ahn Dong-wook’s culinary philosophy, rooted in his experience as a military cook in the Korean army, views food as an art form. He believes in balancing the natural flavors of each ingredient to create unique, creative dishes. Embracing the ever-changing nature of cuisine, he sees each day as a new challenge and opportunity for culinary innovation and expression.

Jungmin Lee

The hall manager at Kosoo Restaurant, approaches each day with excitement at the prospect of meeting customers. Seeing the joy in their faces brings him happiness and energizes her. The vibrant interactions with patrons are a source of vitality in her routine, making her time on the floor, engaging with guests, her happiest moments. This philosophy reflects his belief in the power of positive customer relationships to energize not only the atmosphere of the restaurant but also his personal enthusiasm for her work.