Our Facility

Situated at #105 1123 Westwood St, Coquitlam, Kosoo Korean BBQ is a gateway to a modern Korean dining experience. With convenient proximity to the SkyTrain and Coquitlam Center Mall, and just a stone’s throw away from the serene Lafarge Park, we are ideally located to make your visit a breeze.

Step into our expansive dining area, accommodating over 100 seats, each table have a built-in tabletop grill. Here, the spectacle of Korean BBQ unfolds right before your eyes. Watch as high qualuity of meat sizzle and sear, filling the room with tantalizing aromas that promise a delicious meal.

For a more intimate experience, we offer a stylish private room. It’s a perfect spot for those special gatherings where you desire a touch of exclusivity while enjoying our exquisite Korean BBQ.

Modern yet warm, our interior blends contemporary Korean aesthetics with comfortable dining features. This balance creates an inviting atmosphere where tradition meets innovation, embodying the very spirit of Kosoo.