Kosoo Korean BBQ


In the heart of Vancouver, where it first revealed the lively soul of Seoul’s food scene, Kosoo Restaurant now joyously expands its culinary horizon with the launch of Kosoo Korean BBQ in Coquitlam. Our visionary founder, Chef Han, alongside his devoted partner and the united Kosoo Management Team, brings to life this exciting new venture – a fresh chapter in our gastronomic journey.

Kosoo Korean BBQ is more than a dining venue; it’s a vibrant stage where patrons are both the audience and the performers. Guests are invited to partake in the exhilarating spectacle of tabletop grilling, basking in the delight of cooking premium cuts of meat, right at their tables – a captivating dance of flavors and aromas that brings the Korean communal spirit to life.


Our offerings, as always, stay true to Kosoo’s signature blend of tradition and innovation. Every item on our menu, from our marinated meats to the daily-prepared banchan, serves as a culinary passport, guiding our patrons on an unforgettable journey through the rich tapestry of Korean cuisine.

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