brand story

The name “Kosoo” translates to ‘master’ and ‘to sustain’ in Korean.

The name “Kosoo” translates to ‘master’ and ‘to sustain’ in Korean. It’s not just a name; it’s a commitment. A pledge to master our craft and to sustain our culinary heritage through the evolution of modern cuisine.

Our ethos lies in the basics, the fundamentals of culinary artistry. It is through respecting these traditions that we continue to innovate and offer our unique modern twist. Every dish served at Kosoo bears testament to this blend of old and new – the preservation of authenticity with a contemporary flourish.

Unique blend of Modernism and Tradition

Kosoo is more than just a restaurant. It is a realm of ‘Creativity’, where our master chefs play with bold flavors and Korean traditional fermented sauces, crafting new palates of taste and sensory delight. It’s a laboratory of taste, where boundaries are stretched, and ordinary becomes extraordinary.

But Kosoo isn’t solely about the chefs and their creations. It is also a space for ‘Sharing’. We believe food is an experience to be shared, an opportunity to bond, and a celebration of life. It’s where people come together to savor high-quality food in a warm ambiance, surrounded by a unique blend of modernism and tradition.

Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness

Our commitment to ‘Innovation’ and ‘Creativity’ is unyielding. We tirelessly explore, study, and strive to improve our offerings. After all, we believe that “Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness; good food is founded upon the use of the freshest and highest quality of ingredients.”

It is our dream to serve more than just food; we serve memories. Each dish carries a story, waiting to be savored, recollected, and shared. At Kosoo, each plate is an opportunity to be a part of your happy, meaningful stories.

Every day, we open our doors with a steadfast mind and a dream for a brighter tomorrow. We welcome you to be a part of our journey, to savor our culinary creations, and to help us write the next chapter of the Kosoo story.